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Glass Painting - Alvaro Maury

Alvaro Maury is a glass artist who creates unique pieces using stained glass painting, sandblasting and screen printing on glass. After a long career in semiconductors research and development, Alvaro has dedicated himself to the world of glass art. His expertise on stained glass painting has been developed under the expert direction of world famous artists such as Diego Tolomelli, of IKO Studio in Italy, Luis Gianera, of Gianera Studio in Argentina, and James Cockerill, of HALTglass Studio in England.
Alvaro is a member of the American Glass Guild, and he is based in Hillsborough, North Carolina. 
One of the artist’s early work was the creation of several stained glass panels for the Harry Potter attraction in Universal Studios Beijing.
Some other commissions Alvaro has worked on include a fireplace screen with stained glass, religious glass panels and restorations, painted panels with backlight, screen printed images of people and pets, and many other works.

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